Most Australians do not have a will prepared, but everyone needs a will!

 Why do I need a will?

  • To ensure that your assets are distributed to the person you choose.
  • To assign guardianship to minors.
  • To detail how your electronic data is to be dealt with – for example, will your facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts be shut down?
  • To detail where your passwords are stored and who can have access to them – for example, how will people access your laptop and mobile phone?


How does marriage or separation impact on my will?

  • If you are married and do not have a will then all your possessions will go to your spouse. You need a will if you want to make sure certain gifts pass to specific people – for example, if you want your jewellery to go to your child.
  • If you are married but you and your partner have separated – without a will, your assets will still pass to your spouse!
  • If you developed a will before you got married, then your will might now be invalid! You should get legal advice as soon as possible to ensure you have a valid will.


When should I update my will?

Once you have an up to date will, you need to make sure you review it every three to five years to ensure it is current. Keep in mind that changes in your circumstances such as the purchase or sale of an asset, a birth, death, marriage or divorce are some of the events that mean you will need to update your will.


Ok, I would like to make a will. What next?

Great! We can help you! Contact our office to make an appointment to discuss preparing your will. It should take no more than one hour of your time

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