Court and Settlement Agent

Settlement Agent – Conveyancing and other matters

Garra Lawyers Wollongong provides a wide range of settlement services. We can act as your settlement agent at a conveyancing matter for a purchase or sale of land, mortgage releases, refinances or other property matters.

We will happily attend any bank or credit union in the Wollongong region to collect cheques before settlement, or to bank cheques following settlement. If it is requested, we can also draw cheques from our trust account ahead of settlement.

We are also able to perform searches including the final title search. And if it is required, we can also arrange registration of documents at Land and Property Information following settlement.

We will ensure all documents are immediately returned to you following settlement, and we will confirm via telephone once settlement is finalised.

Agent at Court

Garra Lawyers Wollongong has solicitors available to act as your court agent. We appear in all matters before the Local, District and Family Law Courts. We can also appear before tribunals and commissions.

We routinely attend:

  • mentions;
  • return of subpoena listings;
  • motions and hearings;
  • mediations and arbitrations;
  • conciliation conferences; and
  • other settlement conferences.

We are also available to attend the Registry to inspect documents produced under subpoena, or to file documents with the Court.

Process Server / Agent for Service of Legal Documents

At Garra Lawyers Wollongong, we can also act as your agent for service of all types of court documents on individuals and businesses. We will serve all legal documents including subpoenas, bankruptcy notices, and documents from the Local, District, Supreme and Family Law Courts.

We provide an efficient and reliable service that is unmatched by others and we routinely service the Wollongong area.

Enquire About Our Court and Settlement Agent Services

Contact us to discuss your needs and to obtain competitive prices for court and settlement agency services. We can also confirm our availability immediately over the telephone.

We would love to hear about how we can help you

We welcome you to call us on 1300 00 11 37, or visit our Wollongong office for further information or to discuss your individual needs.