Family Law & Divorce

Garra Lawyers provides services to clients needing family law advice and representation. We recognise that going through a relationship breakdown is a very difficult and emotional journey for clients, and we approach all matters with sensitivity and compassion.

Garra Lawyers appreciates that family law litigation is stressful and often expensive. Wherever possible, we strive to achieve the best results for our clients through negotiation and mediation.

The services we provide are broad and extensive, and include:


We understand how difficult it can be for parents to reach agreement in relation to major issues concerning their children. Our lawyers approach all children’s matters with sensitivity and compassion, and we pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients to reach an outcome that is best for them and their children. Some of the things we advise on include:

  • Child custody (also known as residence)
  • Having contact with children (also known as access) including face to face, telephone, email and skype contact
  • Ongoing financial support of children, including child support assessments and private agreements
  • Urgent proceedings involving international child abduction
  • Making or opposing applications by a parent or carer to relocate with the children to another area, state or country
  • Adoption


Property disputes

Our lawyers have represented clients in relation to complex family law matters involving multiple corporate assets in Australia and overseas. Where required, we work closely with leading accountants, valuers and other specialists to ensure the best outcome for our clients. We provide:

  • Advice and representation in relation to the division of property and assets
  • Assistance with complicated forensic investigations of the ownership, control and valuation of relevant property
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Splitting superannuation


Divorce applications

Garra Lawyers can assist clients to apply for and obtain a divorce, including in cases where there is difficulty locating a party and serving documents.

We provide affordable fixed fee arrangements for divorce applications.


Financial agreements

Our lawyers can assist clients who are wishing to develop a financial agreement with their current or former partner. The most well-known financial agreement is a prenuptial agreement, however financial agreements can also be used by  couples who are considering residing together, or by couples who are separating.

At Garra Lawyers, we can:

  • Draft financial agreements
  • Provide advice in relation to entering into or terminating financial agreements
  • Assist with enforcement of financial agreements



We strongly believe that it is important for children to have a relationship with their grandparents. Sometimes when parents separate or divorce, grandparents face difficulties when trying to spend time with their grandchildren. Or perhaps there are reasons why grandparents feel better placed to raise their grandchildren, such as when the parents are struggling with addiction.

Garra Lawyers can assist grandparents who are seeking to have their grandchildren live with or spend time with them.  We can also assist to formalise other forms of contact including letters, telephone calls, skype conferencing and emails.

The Family Court Website also contains information on grandparents and family law matters. Click here to view the website.

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